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  • Interview Myths That Keep You From Landing the Job With so few jobs currently available and so many people currently hoping to fill those jobs, standing out in an interview is of utmost importance. While jobs themselves are scarce, job advice is overly abundant. And with an influx of information comes an influx of confusion. What career counsel do you take, and what do you ignore?
  • Fed's Bullard: U.S. jobless rate to start falling SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The labor market in the United States is improving and the economy is close to the point when the unemployment rate will start to fall, a top U.S. Federal Reserve official said on Thursday.

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The next pink slip might be yours is the website of a community dedicated towards pink slip recipients. When you receive the pink slip, it is not just you that is affected; your family, colleagues, and even unknown people will feel the impact at one point or another. This site is as much for those around you as it is for you.

The portal's objective is to provide a comprehensive resource for you so as to make your transition smooth from the day you received a Pink Slip through to the day you are employed, or on your way towards your after job tenure, and even thereafter.

We hope this site will help you in prevailing over the tough times invited by unemployment. We believe that even the pink slip in your hands can lead you to a better future if you know how to handle the situation well. Best of Luck!

How You Benefit?

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  • is here to assist you to know your rights after you receive the Pink Slip.
  • is here to assist you through the steps to follow in order to get the benefits you are eligible for.
  • brings together people who have received Pink Slip under a Social Networking so that the whole group could be benefited from each other's support.
  • guides you through the process of unemployment
  • provides you with direct introductions to our alumni, executive recruiter community and business partners, gleaned from our ongoing database.
  • A key component is the offer negotiation coaching, optimizing your new compensation package. will walk you through a line-by-line review of the offer in a round table review with our team of professional, and then provide direct coaching on how to ask for, what and when.
  • Professionals at will assess your skills and ambitions, and then provide you with a real-world plan to get where you want to go.
  • trains you on how to separate yourself effectively in an interview situation so that you can present your value proposition so strongly, so concisely, that the interview team will wonder why they should even consider interviewing anyone else.
  • Career management is what most people ignore. We at take this very seriously. Our real job begins once you land with a job!
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